Reflective Essay On Politics

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To start off, I’m not a very political person. When someone usually mention politics, I immediately start thinking about government and politicians. This is probably the most common answer someone will get from most citizens. Another response you may get is that when someone says politics, people think of social relations between two or more parties. An example may include that one person may get a promotion because they know the right people in the company. Some other person may be upset by this and blame it on politics of the company. These are correct because describing politics is no easy feat. In class, today (8/31), we talked about how politics is a vague term and can be used in a couple of situations. I, personally, am not into politics. I feel like we as a country could get so much more done in a quicker time if we didn’t always argue on what laws and policies to pass, or who should be our next president. As you can see after this past election America has been on a downward spiral socially. Everyone is now complaining and taking sides for or against our president. This is not a good condition to be in as a country is this time and place. While we have the threats of ISIS and North Korea at our doorstep we should be united as a country in stopping these threats. Instead the President of the United States is dealing with protests and riots on top of all the international threats. Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t feel as if we should be a

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