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I cried, I was overwhelmed with emotion, as I stood there with my fist clenched and eyes red. I realized that this was not the end. I went to yet another session of office hours. I told Ms. Maria that she had made a mistake, that she was punishing me for things that I can not control.
Ms. Maria, my twelfth grade Expository Reading and Writing teacher made it very clear in the beginning of the year that the class would not be like a normal English class. At the end of the year we were assigned to do a final project that required us to do timed writes, which were papers that had a certain time frame. We had to complete a total of three, if we did not get our first two proficient we had to complete the last one. Before we received the timed writes at the end of the week, we were given readings and background information. I remember being so positive about the first timed write, I just knew that I would not have to complete the other ones. I was confident. After the time started I began to write everything I knew, knowing that I had completed all of the readings and that I knew all the context that was needed. After completing the first timed write I waited for it to be graded. When the announcement came in that the grades were in I checked immediately. I seen that I did not pass the timed write by two bullet points on the rubric. I was . I felt that I had did an amazing job. Later that day I attended Ms. Maria’s office hours. Still very upset I asked her what I did wrong and

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