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Reflex Systems: Critical Analysis of Human Behavior Under Stress

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the stress factors of organizational pressure and to determine what skills can be used by leaders to diffuse the stress and to get team members to align to a common goal. Engaging a team and making the team members believe that he or she is valued is a skill that leaders should adapt to reduce stress in an organizational setup (Spiers, 2012). Individuals in a team should feel as though his or her contribution to the tasks is an important one. When members of a team feel unappreciated, the goal is subject to setbacks and sometimes failure.
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This could be the very reason he ignored the signs of a distressed team.
As leaders, Rankins should own the culture created in the work environment of his team (Spiers, 2012). As counsel to Rankins, there are many factors that contributed to the current dismantling of his team. The first factor is communication. Sally Phillips expressed to Rankins that she was approached by a competitor. Phillips is willing to take a decrease in pay in exchange for quality of life. Although Rankins rebutted her dismissal from the team, Rankins did not offer concern or resolution for his rebuttal. Phillips was in search of empathy from Rankins. Phillips clearly lacked job satisfaction. An easy fix to this situation simply would be to offer a rotation in weekend and nights to allow team members to refresh one’s commitment to the project. The second issue is team members avoiding each other when they should be working together to complete the tasks. This separation and lack of communication halts the process of meeting the goal. When the team members asked how much longer the project would take, a simple response of “one more month” was given. The team members have not seen any motivation tactics from their leader. Motivation can attribute to leveling stress within the workplace. Through observation, leaders should be able to determine when his or her team is overwhelmed. As stated earlier, stress is inevitable. Stress can be

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