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Foreign studies Health Education Research Advance Access published May 19, 2011 by Claire Drummond1* and Lorraine Sheppard2,3 School canteen guidelines Canteen guidelines developed in most Australian states and territories apply to all situations where food and beverages are supplied in the school environment [15]. The aims of the guidelines are to provide a framework to support the implementation of sale of healthy food in school canteens. Currently, canteen guidelines refer only to the school canteens in the state or territory in which they were developed, however, National canteen guidelines have been written which harmonize existing State and Territory school canteen guidelines [31]. Canteen guidelines for schools in South Australia…show more content…
The governing council Currently, school councils in many state schools make the financial decisions that affect the dayto- day running of the school. According to Bush and Gamage [37], this is a move away from the traditional centralized control and is based on the assumption that individual schools take ownership of their own economic outcomes rather than national or local politicians determining on national or local need. Schools or Governing Councils have influential power to manage the schools’ own affairs within a national framework and are usually compiled of major stakeholders such as staff and parents with operational management devolved to the school principal [37]. While this makes sense at the local level, it also can raise some concerns. The Governing Councils within this research made the majority of financial decisions in the schools, incorporating (among other areas) the canteens profit and loss. The council, run by volunteer parents and teachers in after-school hours, were sometimes unlikely to include the canteen manager in any decision- making regarding the canteen. In some instances, the canteen manager was given instructions on products or ‘special fundraising’ events that should be included and marketed in order to increase profits. This is alarming given that in only one school did the member of the school council have any specific nutritional training. Some of the school principals did concur that the financial decisions sometimes made by the
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