Relationship Between Employee 's Motivation And Performance

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5.Theoretical framework
A theoretical framework is designed to evaluate the relationship between employee’s motivation and performance. On the basis of three motivational theories- Equity theory, Expectancy theory, Goal setting theory. The two types of variables influence the performance of employees-dependent and independent variables.
The independent variables include job security, payment, incentives, promotion, work environment and in-service training. The job performance is dependent variable in this research. The details of this will be explained in figure 3.

Fig.3. The Relationship between motivation and employee’s performance in an organization.


6.Research methodology and data collection method
This is a descriptive study and quantitative research, which can be conducted by using survey method to collect the data. We can collect the data by using structured questionnaire to find out the better results. The Data will be collected from the employees of Countdown Supermarket, Te Puke, New Zealand. The respondents will be asked to fill the closed-ended questionnaire. Then, it will be collected and evaluated for the results.

Suitability of data
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