Relationship Between Friendship Quality And The Amount Of Time

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Friendship quality in connection to time spent with romantic partner Humans are naturally a social species (Furman, 1999). People engage in different types of relationships throughout their entire lives. Certain relationships are lifelong, others maybe just a day or even a few seconds. Among those longer lasting relationships, are friendships and romantic relationships. Nearly all people can relate to both at some point in life, however, do the two ever intermix? Based upon personal experience, I have found it can be problematic to balance both types of relationships. Friends of mine have dedicated much time to their significant others and neglected the friendships they had first established. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to provide …show more content…

As part of the study, the boys were asked to rate the quality of their friendships. In support of positive friendships, it was found that the boys who were in the resilience category had higher friendship ratings than those that were not able to overcome hardships. Leading one to believe the support given by the excellent friends helped the kids overcome the adversity. Girls also prove friendship to be supportive through life. Researchers found that although girls and boys tend to approach offering support in different ways, having a support system through friends develops an emotional closeness (Rose, Smith, Glick, & Schwartz-Mette, 2016). Furthermore, friendships have also been noted to make an impact on what college students contribute their success to (Killoren, Streit, Alfaro, Delgado, & Johnson, 2016). Additional benefits to friendships have been distinguished through research as well. Throughout a lifetime, friendships adapt and change based upon developmental phases and transitions (Hartup & Stevens, 1997). In this way, friendships are flexible and essentially ever-changing. An advantage to having enduring friendships is ensuring a sense of an overall well being in addition to what has already been stated. Moreover, aside from friendship contributing to psychological and mental health, friendship also provides advantages to physical health. Friendships provide social support that reduces stress levels

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