Relationship Between Theory And Application Essay

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In this paper, I will discuss views on the relationship between theory and application or practice, talk about how a theory guide or inform practice, and issues involved in translating theory into practice. The paper will also, describe a current view of the management by objectives theory, how the management by objectives theory has actually been applied, and finally assess the appropriateness of the uses to which the theory has been applied.
The Relationship between Theory and Application or Practice
Theory can be defined as a systematic depiction of an actual problem, often expressed as far as possible in mathematical terms (Wacker, 1998). It can be viewed especially in quantitative inquiry as a scientific prediction or elucidation for what the researcher anticipates to uncover (Creswell, 2014; p. 53). Theory helps us predict the outcome of our proceedings and to make effective judgment. Theories are utilized often by management practitioners to identify and try to solve practical issues affecting the practice. New management theories come from case studies and other inductive methods; from observation and attempt to decipher real-world problems; and theory building occurs during the process of trying to elucidate a phenomenon (Byron, and Thatcher, 2016.P 4). This approach is predominantly important in the field, where the desire for theory is to have a few practical applications in the area of management (Byron, and Thatcher, 2016, P. 4). Theory application effort is

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