Relationship of Centralization to Other Structural Properties

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Relationship of Centralization to Other Structural Properties The specific topic of the article is to examine two different ways of distribution of power in an organization and computing the relationship between the three main structural properties of the organization which includes formalization, complexity and centralization. The authors have done extensive research on sixteen welfare and health organizations and have developed a framework, which establishes a relationship between the structures of the organization with the level of complexity and rules that governs the organization. The sociology background of the authors Michael Aiken and Jerald Hage …show more content…

8) Professionalization is an external means for accomplishing the same result: business schools teach future managers behaviours that will be expected of them in their work organizations. Decision making is of two types. These include: 1) Decision making regarding the allocation of resources. 2) Decision about the organizational policy which is strongly related to organizational complexity and not on the degree of formalization. Formalization includes job codification and rules observation while the Complexity includes number of occupational specialities, number of professional trainings and amount of professional activities. Organisational analysis as pointed by Michel Croziers is the study of the distribution of power. Various researchers have pointed out how important the allocation of power is in an organization. The specific purpose of the paper is to study the organizational behavior and the three main elements that are used to gauge the structure are Centralization, Formalization and Complexity. The author through his work tries to find out the relation between these basic elements. We move ahead with the basic definitions of the terms used. Formalization : The extent to which work roles are structured in an organization, and the activities of the employees are governed by rules and procedures. Complexity : It refers to the degree of the differentiation that exists within an organisation. Complexity signifies a. Vertical differentiation : depth

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