Relevance Of Shakespeare

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“As a teaching aid, Shakespeare’s innovative use of vocabulary helps show children how to use the language they are born with better than a bland textbook, even when used without this aim in mind.” William Shakespeare is an English poet, playwright, and is often referred to as a national poet. He is considered to be one of the greatest writer and dramatist in the English language/ world-wide. Shakespeare’s innovative writing is what makes up his plays and poems such as Hamlet, Othello, Richard III, etc. Shakespeare should continue to be taught in the ninth grade curriculum because his work goes on a deep understanding with people’s lives today, his work has influenced individuals, movie industries, countries, etc., and his work is focused mainly on teenagers’ lives.
First and foremost, Shakespeare’s works should be included in the 9th grade curriculum because her works are still relevant today because his plays and characters portray issues. . . and are like a journey into self- exploration. . . analyze an uncertain future. In the article “On The Bard’s Birthday, is Shakespeare Still Relevant?” the author emphasizes , “These are not plays we read and see together as a generation or a country. They’re works we enjoy as a species. Shakespeare offers a roadmap to the human” (Petri 374). Petri explains Shakespeare’s works has a vibe of understanding people across the globe. His work respects all people and their experiences from gender to their lifestyle. What makes Shakespeare
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