Report : Damiano Bionic Pancreas The Algorithmic Organ Essay

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MEMORANDUM TO: JOHN BARBOUR FROM: CAMERON HOFER SUBJECT: WRD 204 TECHNICAL WRITING DATE: NOVEMBER 13, 2016 CC: DAMIANO BIONIC PANCREAS THE ALGORITHMIC ORGAN STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The purpose of this report is to gather information on the Bionic Pancreas and how it created, designed, and where it is currently in the stages of development. To raise awareness to the audience AIMBE (American Institute of Medical and Biomedical Engineering). This task was accomplished by performing predominantly secondary research on this topic to observe and report all my findings on the Damiano Bionic Pancreas in the form of a(n) informational report. In performing this research, and writing this report, the goal was to raise awareness about how this device could impact the lives of the millions of people worldwide who suffer from type one diabetes (Simon). To do this effectively research on the Bionic Pancreas as well as on Type One diabetes must be completed. BACKGROUND Throughout the ages Doctors and researchers alike have teamed up to search for a more effective management system, or “cure” for type one diabetes. This disease affects millions of people across the world and complicates the lives of the people who suffer from the disease as well as their families (Schaper). This disease, whether over the course of years, or one isolated incident stemming from mismanagement or incorrect insulin dosing very frequently causes in these individuals that suffer from type one Diabetes

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