Research Approach And Inductive Approach

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When choosing the research approach, when the selection between deductive approach and inductive approach both are suitable for the research. Deductive approach is when theory and hypothesis are built up after reading literature and the testing theory and hypothesis is tested. Inductive approach is focused on the testing theory. When this theory developed from the analysis of collected data which depend on building theory (Saunders etal., 2003). So, the chosen method is the deductive approach. First of all, we started to read the different literature to find the theories of our questions. If we start to talk about research philosophy, we understand the way of thinking when it comes to the development of knowledge. We can form the research process …show more content…

Only subjective reality where it is important to understand participants” purpose behaviors and goals (Saunders et al., 2003) This dissertation is based on a research philosophy that is a mixture of both positivism and realism. According to Saunders et al,. (2003) the deductive approach woes more than the interpretivism than the positivism. The research was independent of us, writers, we are neither affecting not affected by the subject. For this reason, thepositivistic view can be in our research continued to study articles. The internet sources are more specific information. How the marketing affected by cultural differences and we are all interested in marketing. In an international perspective, we wanted to make our dissertation since our major in international business and in other cultures we have all been living. We all faced the situation while living abroad in which we had to choose between the familiar brand or an unknown brand which we have no information about the brand. Thereby we found it interesting to discover consumer brand choice the determinants. Nowadays people have a lifestyle which is demanding. They do not have time for a moment …show more content…

When purchasing buyers have different choices all they make can be stressful and the possibility and demand on how to act and what to say can be an extra burden. Sometimes, the proposal of a product from consumers come or just take a product among many. It will be difficult to make choices, especially at the first purchase situation in an unknown environment. The purpose of this dissertation was to do a brand research to see the movements of consumers for brand awareness. When purchasing for the first-time what extent brand awareness matters in an unfamiliar environment or culture. According to the research or theories, the consumer often buys products most they recognize the brand easily more than the unknown brand. So, the factors have a greater effect on the consumers for their buying behavior. Because of the time limitations, we are focusing on the best-known theories in this field. The population was limited to the students of Daffodil University. The theories in our questionnaire only included everyday commodities since student’s probable buy such products that they need for daily use products. Further, in the research, the only factors that we considered were the one that had the most effect on the choice of

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