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Chapter 3- Research Methodology This chapter will explain the key factors , variables and relationship among theories. It will also present detailed idea about how the research will be done. This will include the Research design, research strategy , data collection methods and data analysis. At the end of this chapter validity and reliability issues will be discussed to follow the quality standards of the research. Research includes any gathering data, information and facts for the advancement of knowledge. 3.2 Research Design The research design is the knowledge acquire, strategies and method that will lead to the research approach which are Qualitative, Quantitative research or Mixed (Creswell 2003). Each approach has its benefits and detriments and is more suitable to answering certain kinds of questions. Qualitative Research…show more content…
It is generally done in interviews, open-ended questions or focus groups. Generally, there is a small number of participants that participate in this type of research because these type of research takes time and need many resources. Interviews can vary from being highly structured and guided by open-ended questions or be less structured and take the form of conversational interviews. As there are few number of participants and as it costs so much for this type of research , the result from a Qualitative Research cannot be generalized to the whole population. Nevertheless, these type of research serves as a spring board for larger studies and deeper understanding that can inform theory , practice and specific situations. It also uses strategies of inquiry such as narratives, phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory studies or case studies. The researcher collects open-ended , emerging data with the primary intent of developing themes from the data (Creswell 2003). Quantitative

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