Research On Professionals For Community Colleges

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Research on Professionals in Community Colleges
Dustin O’Donnell
HPT 484
July 21, 2015 Abstract
This paper searches how professionals in two-year universities work and how they accomplish the mission in a community college. This paper examines different aspects of the faculty to how they are hired, competitiveness, promotions, benefits, demographics, workloads, challenges, and teaching. The research was found through online sources, a personal interview, and textbooks. Different forms of faculty in the community colleges should be studied to fully comprehend how they impact students and the college itself. The findings show how the staff operates, levels of work they do, and the gratification for these professionals. Community colleges are at a growing rate, and the faculty members who work in them will be reviewed and explained. Research on Professionals in Community Colleges
Every community college plans for success by creating a vision and mission. The vision is the long-term goals of the college, and the mission is the work put in to attain that vision. The faculty completes the work that is put in everyday and is the most important piece in the college. To meet the vision of post-secondary educational success, the college will need professionals of the highest quality. For this reason, numerous studies have been done on the staff that fills the community colleges and how they are the core group that makes the college what it is. The faculty

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