Research Rationale Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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1) Research Rationale
According to Franklin Delano Roosevelt “The only thing to fear is fear itself.” Going to college is not only one of the happiest moments in life, but it also strikes fear into many students. Colleges and universities offer many attributes to draw a student into their institution. However, fear may determine whether they enroll in a university close to home or keep them from enrolling at all. Fears such as leaving home, liking roommates, peer pressure, safety, and covering costs are just a few of the many that can handicap students from what they can and will do. Fear does its job by trying to stop us, but we have to do our job and conquer it valiantly.
As a teenager at this pivotal point in life I am facing the same fears. Therefore, I am ecstatic to share the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome the fears of going to college. This research will not only help me to become relieved, stress free, and comfortable-it will also provide other students a solution to what they thought could never be fixed. Fear is a mind game; once you control and flush the mind, fear has no chance. With this research, it will show that fear cannot overpower the mind of any one person.
2) What I Already Know
College should not cause me fear, it is fun, right? Should I be worried about leaving home? How do I get rid of the fear of what college has to offer? These are questions I asked myself and that I must find an answer. While I do not claim to know much about this

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