Research Studies Regarding Patients With Communication Barriers And System Wide Studies

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From the many journal articles that I have researched, many gaps in data for bedside reporting existed in the studies concerning patients with communication barriers and system wide studies of this implementation. Many research studies involve case studies on particular health care units where patients are active and willing participants, whereas little consideration has been given to units that vary and function all together differently (Mayor, Bangerter, & Aribot, 2012). Also, many of the articles suggested that nurses use a single template to simplify and ease the process of transition at shift changes. This template has worked well in the studies conducted, but may not be of any help to the different specialties present in the…show more content…
What types of additional research might be useful? Write 1-2 paragraphs discussing additional research that describes individuals, communities, other issues etc. that are affected by your topic. Your paragraph(s) should be professionally written, single spaced with APA formatted citations and references (there is a reference textbox at the end of this form. Use it for your references). Be sure the research relates to your problem. Additional research concerning this topic will provide additional knowledge and a better understanding of how this process can improve patient care, outcomes and satisfaction. I feel the use of a whiteboard and a unit tailored report template will provide important tools that a nurse can use to implement and sustain this change process. Research should be done to investigate whether the use of a whiteboard during the handover process will increase not only patient satisfaction, but also that of nurses (Vines, Dupler, Van Son, & Guido, 2014). The use of the whiteboard is part of the implementation process of achieving a smooth transition of handover report from the nursing station to the bedside. More research needs to be conducted concerning the correlation of patient outcomes and bedside handover report. Most of the research shows that bedside handover reports
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