Resilience Is The Ability To Steer Through Serious Life

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Resilience is the ability to steer through serious life challenges and find ways to bounce back and to thrive. We are born with the capacity for resilience. But resilience is not something we have or don’t have. We work on throughout our lives. And we need to start as early as possible. Parents are the most important people to help build their children’s resilience. Children learn a lot by watching their parents. When parents cope well with everyday stress, they are showing their children how to do the same. Why is it important to develop resilience? Resilience makes a big difference in People’s lives. People who respond to hardships with resilience are: • Healthier and live longer • Happier in their relationships • More successful in …show more content…

We also have booklets in which parents fill out before their child starts with all their personal information which is kept in a locked cupboard. Explain the importance of a child centred approach? The importance of a person centred and inclusive approach is that your looking at the individual child and the needs of that child and also trying to meet the needs of the individual child. Such things like setting targets for them to meet and achieve would or possibly could help a child achieve. Also such things as individual learning plans can help. What policies and procedures are in place within your setting to protect young people and adults who work with them? The policies in my work place to help protected our young children and also the adults in which work there are things such as data protection so all confidential information is under the data protection act and this goes for children and adults. Also things such as having crb check are put into place to ensure the children’s safety. Tell me about ways in which concerns about poor practice can be reported? Tell me about whistle blowing and is there a policy within your setting on whistle blowing? A whistleblower is a person who raises a concern about a wrongdoing in their workplace or within the NHS or social care setting. If a person wishes to raise their concerns they should obtain a

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