Resourcing Talent

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Resourcing Talent
This report identifies and evaluates
1.1 Organisation benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
1.2 Factors that affect an organisations approach to both attracting talent
1.3 Factors that affect an organisation’s approach to recruitment and selection.
2.1 Benefits of recruitment methods
2.2 Benefits of selection methods
4.1The purposes of induction and its benefit individuals and organisations
4.2Induction Plan

1.1organisation benefits of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
A diverse workforce means people possess different attitudes and values whether these values are derived from race, religion or even nationality. When all brought together can benefit the company when dealing with a wide …show more content…

b. Hiring Processes: Seasonal employment, such as year-end holidays for retailers, often requires faster processing to get employees hired, trained and on the sales floor to accommodate business demand. For example, instead of making hiring decisions during third-round interviews, give second-round interviewers the authority to make hiring decisions and streamline the interviews to one preliminary interview and one final interview.
c. Industry Competition: Industry competitors that offer better pay, generous benefits or guaranteed opportunities for professional development can affect the way you select potential employees. A collegial work environment, job satisfaction and security, and flexible scheduling often are appealing to job seekers looking for a quality of life instead of the biggest pay-check. Changing the way you hire candidates in the face of industry competition might also include streamlining your selection process so candidates aren 't put off by the length of time from application to hire date.
2.1 Benefits of different recruitment methods The method and methodology for sourcing candidates can include many different channels and practices. Following are the few benefits of recruitment methods

Recruitment methods
Internal Recruitment
Cheaper and quicker to recruit
Limits the number of potential applicants


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