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Part II.Q1: Initial responses to criticism. When I first hear a criticism, my initial response is a ball of anxiety in my chest as if my heart is waiting for my mind to work through the criticism. It takes me a minute to process criticism. When I was younger, I would have personalized the criticism and been host to a barrage of self-deprecating thoughts. I’ve learned to recognize that criticism is helpful for growth and learning; however, not all criticism is helpful or true. For clients’ criticism, I would think back upon my justifications for acting or responding a certain way and look for truth in the client’s statement. I won’t lie, it would be difficult to not personalize and run to the thought: I’m just not meant to be a …show more content…

I would seek to create collaboration with the client to help them feel heard and to help determine if the criticism is warranted. If warranted, I think of ways I can incorporate the feedback into my life. If not, I can acknowledge the client’s feelings and work to repair the rupture.
Part II.Q3: Difficult thoughts feelings which would make it harder to enter counseling. I worry about being judged when asking others for help with my emotional problems. Although I have been in therapy in the past, and it was a phenomenal experience; I still worry whether a new therapist is going to judge me. A new therapist could help dispel my Infotfear of being judged by being honest and open and using the interpersonal process, truthfully. It would feel affirming to have someone notice I’m acting out of fear and to help me process that fear, assuring me that they are not judging me in the process.
Part III.Q1: Approaching Hanks shame-based feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy Reading Hanks story, I felt a sense of identification with aspects of his story which could potentially impede my ability to address his shame-based feelings. In addition, I think I would feel nervous about helping Hank and fear of not being able to help him. Another emotion which might come up is a sense of sympathy instead of empathy. My supervisor could help me with these emotions by allowing me to bring them into supervision and process them, within reason. My supervisor could also be

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