Rethinking Sleep Randall Analysis

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David K. Randall, author of “Rethinking Sleep”, best supports his argument . One reason is that Randall has credible sources that show examples of his claim. Another reason is that Randall has credible sources from more professional people. Randall's claim is people need to consider sleeping in segments rather than 8 hour blocks. Randall have credible sources that show examples of his claim. According to the text, “ Researchers have observed, for example, that long haul pilots who sleep during flights perform better when maneuvering aircraft through the critical stages of descent and landing.”(lines 85-87). This means that when pilots took naps, their performance was better when they had to land. This makes Randall's argument stronger…show more content…
“ Robert Stickgold, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, proposes that sleep-including short naps that include deep sleep-offers our brains the chance to decide what new information to keep and what to toss.”(lines 62-71). This means that if people have naps that include deep sleep, their brain will throw out useless information and keep important information that is new. This makes Randall's argument stronger because if Randall only had kids and a teacher it would not be as effective, but if doctors or professors or people like that then it is more effective. Another piece of evidence is, “In another study conducted by Simon Durrant, a professor at the University of Lincoln, in England, the amount of time a subject spent in deep sleep during a nap predicted his or her later performance at recalling a short burst of melodic tones.”(lines 57-59). This means that the amount of deep sleep during a nap can predict performance at knowing melodic tones. This makes Randall's argument stronger because since Durrant is a professor, he went to school for four years or more to learn about the mind, which includes sleep studies, instead of a teacher who goes to school to teach and gets class studies from resources. In Lang’s article, “Turn Off, Tune Out, Tune In, she only has one important credible source, who is a doctor. She also has a source who is called the National Sleep Foundation, “But in a national survey
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