The Glitch In Sleep Analysis

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“The Seems The Glitch in Sleep” by John Hulme and Michael Wexler. I think the main message is if you don’t solve the problem quick enough, the problem will get bigger. I think this because the the glitch is getting worse, if Becker doesn’t do something, the glitch will get worse. In the story, Becker had a very bad nightmare. It was made by three giant bed bugs torturing him. The glitch was moving very fast. After that there was the ripple effect, it is when the world have strange and very bad things happen. Then Becker got tortured by the bed again but this time his assistant Simly, helped. Then the bed bugs, Becker, and Simly fell down to the floor below. Here are the things I felt a connection to. First, I connected the bubbles in the Dreamatorium
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