Health Promotion Literature Review

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Review of Literature
Charlotte Neal
Grand Canyon University
Family Centered Health Promotion
NRS 429-V
Linnette Nolte
December 9, 2012

Review of Literature Health promotion could be defined as one promotion of health that incorporates several functions working together to form one main goal. The goal is to promote a state of health that exudes a sense of well being so that in its essence is disease free and mentally stable in order to promote quality of life, healthy development, and healthy behaviors across all life stages. ("Healthy People," n.d., para. 3) . By providing and empowering individuals with information and education it enlightens ways to prevent illness caused by excessive weight, smoking, …show more content…

As well as can be found education for the elderly, with information about the dangers of multiple use of medication, ways to prevent falls and to help with depression as we age. Nursing education for prevention and promotion is ever evolving to promote the best nurse-patient partnership. This includes facilitating informed choice, developing a more nurse patient partnership and configuring services around patients needs.
Implementation methods for health promotion encompass a vass area of nursing. It can be by providing education, providing a service such as home health, being an advocate for ones health during a time of need as well as providing services during a crisis such a hurricanes or tornados . Nurses are on the forefront of health prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. They help five flu shot during flu season as well as education, they promote self- esteem standing as an advocate, as well as provide reassurance in times of need.
As health care evolves we can see how important primary prevention is in the efforts to prevent disease from occurring. It incorporate education such as hand washing to prevent the spread of germs , diet and exercise guidelines to maintain proper fitness as well as good state of mind and disease prevention such as hypertension and diabetes and immunization to prevent disease.
Secondary is important in the prevention of early detection and

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