Review of the Relevant Literature and Industry Specific Barriers

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Review of the Relevant Literature
After briefly reviewing the basic aforementioned barriers, as follows, the researcher will proceed to discuss industry specific barriers, intertwined with the review of relevant literature; and the use a combination of analysis described in the Program Outcome section of this project.
Pilots take an active and important role in the aviation industry and are expected to possess critical thinking and technological skills. Schools of aviation are required to provide students with both theory and technical opportunities relative to the scope of aviation. Training institutions who teach 141/142 training programs foster critical thinking and technological skills through ground based instruction as well as learner activities such as simulation. The opportunity for students to practice flight in a safe manner in today’s high-risk, complex training environment is limited to situations involving high-risk maneuvers not ideal for student learning experiences to be simulated. Simulations give students opportunities to perform high-risk maneuvers not ideal for student learning experiences in a real aircraft environment. Simulation allows students to practice skills and apply fundamental instruction knowledge in a safe environment. In the simulated environment, simulations using flight simulators are student-centered and provide students with opportunities to practice decision making, problem solving and crew resource management (CRM), and…