Revitalizing JBL Enterprises

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JBL Enterprises (JBL) is experiencing significant decrease in employee satisfaction and product output even though overall manufacturing processes and employee numbers remain generally the same. The JBL leadership team must analyze root cause for declining employee satisfaction by gathering input from both the management team and their employees, while also assessing management leadership skillset gaps. Behavior based contingency leadership is most appropriate for this situation because employee actions have changed while processes and procedures have remained the same. Situational leadership allows JBL leaders behavior based tools for both strengthening management leadership skills, and implementing lasting changes across the organization for improving employee satisfaction. JBL leaders must focus remediation efforts towards removing core issues causing low product output, while strengthening the JBL organizational culture.
Managers as Leaders With processes and procedures remaining constant, the managers main role is to motivate their employees to produce the best results within existing processes while meeting, and ideally increasing, expected output. Good leadership skills help managers sufficiently support their employees. Gathering data on the management teams leadership abilities, and specifically analyzing how each manager assesses their leadership skills against what their employees perceive their leadership skills to be, is a vital first step.

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