Rhetorical Analysis Of Anti-Smoking Cigarettes

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For a long time now, many people have had different views about smoking cigarettes. It was only decades ago that people were smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, thinking there would be no consequences. As time progressed, smoking cigarettes was discovered to have harmful, lasting effects that could also lead to major health problems, and possibly death. During this time, countless of anti-smoking advertisements soon appeared, often showing the harmful effects of smoking through grotesque and shocking depictions. However, there are some anti-smoking advertisements that use different methods in trying to convey their message. Truth, best known by their website, is an anti-tobacco campaign that released a black and white advertisement depicting a young man smoking a cigarette, with the smoke from it forming an image of a gun pointed to the head of the man. At first glance, the advertisement is just seen as a regular anti-smoking advertisement informing non-smokers of the consequences of smoking, but by various rhetorical devices as well as distinctive and influential images, the advertisement effectively communicates the impending sense of danger and persuasively advocates the deadliness of smoking cigarettes to both non-smokers and smokers by connecting smoking with death. Accordingly, the advertisement was created to stir up a reaction from its audience, which includes both non-smokers and smokers. The advertisement, in its entirety, is designed to appeal to

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