Risk Management Plan For A Risk Assessment

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The goal of a risk assessment is to figure out all of the risks and vulnerabilities there are, or could possibly be within a business. The goal of a risk management plan is to then figure out how to mitigate those risks and vulnerabilities to lessen the impact on the business if ever one should arise. Creating a plan helps not only to identify any risks, but also helps to choose the best solutions available to mitigate those risks. If a risk management plan is not created and implemented, there is greater chance of failure. The purpose of this risk assessment plan is to update the existing out-of-date risk management plan. The scope of the plan will include: • List of threats and vulnerabilities • Security • Responsibilities assigned •…show more content…
Snow and ice could freeze power lines and make driving conditions to and from work dangerous Transfer the risk to Insurance, remote in from home, make sure data is always backed up in a safe place (off site), and make sure to use power strips with for protection from power outages, backup generator H M M/H Environmental Utilities – Electricity
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