Roaring World In Modern Poem Analysis

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Roaring World in Modern and Postmodern: World Conditions in Spicer’s and Eliot’s Poem
Breaking rules and traditions, and living aimlessly are the two main characteristics of the two periods of time from modern to post-modern, between the late 19th century and the late of 20th century. According to “Modernism & Modernist Literature: Introduction and Background” article, that the expression ‘modernism’ in general “covers the creative output of artists and thinkers who saw ‘traditional’ approaches to the arts, architecture, literature, religion, social organization had become outdated in light of the new economic, social and political circumstances of a by now fully industrialized society”(1). People in those period of time lived a chaos world, …show more content…

The usage of words in Eliot’s poem, like ‘trampled edges’ ‘damp souls’ ‘brown waves’ ‘tear’ ‘muddy skirts’ ‘aimless’, are description of countries and people after wars. In the same way, the style of this poem; no rhyme, no meter, no punctuation, shows people situation during and in between the War World one and the World War two. They are dispersed, nothing as how it used to be. It shows a picture of poor people and that is the theme. One of the most influential results of wars on society is the creation of a marginalized people and racism. There are servants who work for upper-classed people “the damp souls of housemaids” not one or two housemaid but many. In Spicer’s poem, the wars results, also, pointed out by the use of words, style and theme. The words in the poem describe wars; ‘humiliating’ ‘disguises ‘tougher’ ‘white and aimless signals’ ‘no one listen’ all of those words are description of people conditions while wars are spreading. For example, the ‘white and aimless signals’ (L11) refers to the white flag which associates with surrendering. This poem was written during the Civil War, so in line nine, ‘pepper and salts’ may refer to race black and white. The African-American people were fighting to get their rights. The last word in the same line the poet mentions ‘the death’ and the sentence is continued in the next line ‘that young men hope for’ (10), this means that the Afro-American are fighting to get their rights even if this way may take their life from them, they will fight till the end. The style of the poem is very confused; there are lines with a word or two as if it takes time to complete these sentences as in wars there is nothing obvious and complete before the end of it. The poet critics the industry world and how it destroy the environment and people’s minds, and these are parts of the

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