Robots And The Field Of Manufacturers Essay

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The implementation of robots to the field of manufacturers ever increasing. There are many factors surrounding the increasing of efficiency of the robots. From newer materials, technologies advancements, and the biggest impact, prices. As newer advancements are made to make the same robots cheaper, stronger, and faster, the common issues are that if these advancements reach these goals, will there be a need to hire humans? Where humans need to be pay every so often with benefits compare to a robot who can do the same job. As the field of robotics is advancing so does the fear of these robots and the harm that comes with working alongside them. In “Biohybird Robots Built From Living Tissue Start To Take Shape”, Victoria Webster talks about how the area of research where one combine tissues with machines in advancing to create new and better robots. Now these robots are given the name biobot or biohybird robots, so what is a biobot? Biobot (also known as biohybirds) are the same in every way except in the way they are made. Where the traditional robot are made with metal and cables, biobot are made with tissues and nerves. Researchers at Harvard University, has created a biohybird stingray which is no larger than an average coin. Andrew J. O’Keefe II described the stingray as “contains[ing] both biological and artificial parts—rat heart cells grown on a silicon mold fitted over a 3D printed gold skeleton... Using a technique called ontogenetic , the heart cells are

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