Essay on Rohm and Haas Case Study

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BUAD 880 Rohm and Haas Case Study 1. Purpose of the Report: Joan Macey, the Rohm and Haas market manager for Metalworking Fluid Biocides, was reviewing the marketing approach for the recently introduced Kathon MWX maintenance biocide. Rohm and Haas is one of several manufacturers that develop liquid biocide chemicals for eliminating microorganisms in metalworking fluids. The company currently manufactures the Kathon 886 MW concentrate biocide, the leading biocide in the concentrate biocide market. Kathon 886 MW is a very powerful concentrate used for large-capacity reservoir systems (above 1,000 gallons) and is too powerful for small fluid reservoirs. As a result, the company developed the Kathon MWX maintenance biocide for use in …show more content…

The company’s sales force is comprised of technically trained personnel that custom tailor solutions to fit a customer’s needs. By selling directly through formulators and distributors though, the company has made it difficult to develop their own identity. These outlets privately brand solutions derived from the Rohm and Haas products so the Rohm and Haas name is not as known in the industry as it could be. New products now packaged with the Rohm and Haas name appear no different to some

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