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Research paper : Public Relations
The role of BA in Public Relations (PR) is to build, promote and preserve the good image of companies or institutions to internal stakeholders and external. For this, it sets the strategy and executes communication projects, transmitting the values, objectives and actions of the organization. His work turns to the external public (customers, suppliers and government officials) and for the internal (employees). Create programs of integration with the community and organizes promotional activities. It is common for this bachelor work in teams that are part of other employees, such as managers, marketing personnel and journalists.

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These forms of action promoted by the planned public relations work to do to establish with the public good and strong concept and contribute in a direct way for better business and the development of the company, as well as preserve and enhance what its most valuable: its name.
The public relations activity, in addition to acting as the pivot of the aforementioned shares, seeks to raise awareness of everyone within the company about the role and the responsibility you have the concept of it by the public. On the other hand, guides and advises all areas of the company with regard to the most appropriate way to conduct their relations with the public.

Thus we see that the basic principle of public relations is to act in the right way, seeking the integration of business objectives with the objectives of the public, including correcting distortions that arise in the pursuit of that rapport. This principle, as we show below, involves all aspects of business strategy, is completed by adding to it the communication techniques, helping to show the public the right actions undertaken by the company.
Key point of public relations activities are the company 's values and defining how it wishes to be seen by the public, that is, the

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