Role Of Direct Marketing Strategy Of Goodwill

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Direct Marketing
Direct marketing plays an important role in developing the IMC strategy of Goodwill Industries that helps to raise awareness of customers as well as attract donation funds collection to the organization. Goodwill has developed its direct marketing mainly through the direct mail campaign and the website.
Direct Marketing to Clients
Known as direct mail campaign, Goodwill uses numerous direct mail postcards and the four-color piece as well as ad brochures to send to its preferred customers to build store traffic in some areas. Also, Goodwill creates a convenient website with informative and engaging data that helps client easy access the organization’s missions and key concepts. There is also a map on the main front page for individual clients, who want to buy goods from the organization, to find their nearest local Goodwill location. There is a link named “Donate and Shop”, which provides some basic instructions as well as the contact information for the shoppers to have further inquiry. Goodwill also offers a separate website for customers to shop online through the auction format, where customers can choose from a variety of used stuff such as clothing, books, electronics, musical instruments or pet supplies. On the front page of this website, there are some pop-up promotions to attract the shoppers’ attention and notify them which promotions it is having.
For employees looking for a job, Goodwill has two separate pages called GoodProspects and

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