Role Of Key Players In Advertising Communication

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Key players in advertising communication:
Key players are the most valuable and important peoples of any organization, event; and play vital role. In advertising communication circle, there are some valuable platers or parties who are directly related or influenced by each other by their functions which they deliver. They are:
• Advertiser
• The advertising agency
• The media
• The vendor
• The target audience
Advertiser: the advertiser is the company whose product or service are going to be advertised by advertising agent or company. By advertising, they promote their product or service, so that customer or client or related parties can be aware about that. What they promote, they are responsible for that; it is directly related with their brand value or good will. In some extend, final advertisement has also an impact on their market shares and sales as they are affected by advertisement the most ((positive or negative). Basically, for a company, advertisement create an image in front of all parties, as it shows what they are.
The advertising agency: the advertising agency plays a big role in creating impact on advertisement. They are responsible for effectiveness of the advertisement, as it can make or break the company’s reputation or image. It has some wings which are managing different function of different department. They work in behind the scenes which is the real difficult task. From providing the ad content to turn it into visual, they are responsible to manage

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