Role Of Using Agencies During The Recruitment Process Essay

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1. Aim
Organisations are increasingly turning to external agencies to assist with certain elements of recruitment, particularly for attracting top talent. The use of new media/technology to recruit is also increasing CIPD (2015).This shows a trend of using agencies during the recruitment are become more popular between different organizations. The research report shows that “Recruitment difficulties over three-quarters of organisations that had attempted to fill vacancies experienced recruitment difficulties in the last year, regardless of sector” CIPD (2015). Thus recruitment agencies can be used as a way to helping organizations in the recruitment process. This report will focuses on three points: first analysis the advantages and disadvantages of using agencies during the recruitment process. Second how can agencies doing effective in recruiting right staff. Thirdly, the relationship between organisation and agency and how the organisation can manage the relationship with agencies successfully.

2. Scope
This report contains investigate and analysis both academic and practitioner literature to explore the effect of using agencies during the recruitment process in organization. The report will also include evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of using agencies and analysis the importance of building and maintaining good relationship between organizations and agencies to let them performance effective. The effects that these factors will have on the organization and other

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