Roles And Responsibilities Of An Effective Nurse

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As a nurse there are multiple roles and responsibilities one must uphold to, to be successful and professional. A nurse is expected to grow professionally and personally throughout their career by identifying values, by reflecting on actions and ideas and gaining more knowledge with each new experience. To be successful one must commit to the growth and development of their knowledge and experience and strive to be an effective nurse. A nurse is responsible for being the patient’s caregiver, decision maker, communicator, advocate and teacher. Not only are these roles an important part of being successful as a nurse, they are also an important part of ensuring the safety of the patient. A nurse is responsible and accountable for the care …show more content…

A nurse must commit to being informed and knowledge on these processes in ensuring patient safety.
In providing a safe and effective environment for a patient, it is important the nurse follow the National Patient Safety goals and implement them in their daily routine. These goals were developed by the Joint Commission’s Patient Safety Advisory group which consists of physicians, nurses, risk managers, pharmacists and other professionals involved in care giving. These goals are put into effect “to assist accredited organizations to address specific areas of concern in regards to patient safety” (TJC, 2015). One of the first goals is to correctly identify patients, which should be done for each patient before any procedure that involves the patient or anytime they are receiving medication or blood products. Identifying the patient should be done by using 2 identifiers which would be name and date of birth. This is used to help prevent a medication or procedure being given or done on the wrong patient. As a nurse it is critical to report severe or life altering lab tests or situations right away to the right person, which is another patient safety goal. Medications are given frequently in the hospital so a goal is for each medication to be given safely and correctly. This can be done according to the National Patient Safety Goals by monitoring patients closely who are taking blood thinners, making sure that

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