Romans 1-8: The Natural World

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In the present day and all throughout time there have been many questions concerning man’s origin, identity, meaning, morality, and destiny; the makeup of one’s worldview. While many theories have been suggested many never are able to clearly answer all, if any, of these concerns. However, there is a book with flawless, strong, relevant and important applicable truth to our everyday life; the Bible. While the Bible is very sizeable and seemingly hard to read the book of Romans answers these inquiries in a simple and understandable manner. Romans 1-8 specifically tells us about the natural world, human identity, human relationships, and culture. Truly changing anyone’s worldview.

Romans 1-8

The Natural World

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We are born sinners, unrighteous and undeserving. Born to die; for wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). People often know God is real however they choose to be filled with darkness and rather than giving honor to God they choose youthful passions; becoming fools as Romans 1:21-23 states. However, a new identity can be found in Jesus Christ; a redeemed child of God. This can be done by our faith in Jesus Christ. We can be seen as righteous through our faith and not by our works. Being dead to sin and alive in Christ (Romans 6:11).

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We were all born into the same world, all as sinners. So we are equal. Not judging one another but encouraging and holding each other accountable. With God we have an everlasting relationship. An ever loving father who though we were sinners still came down in human form so that we might be saved. So humans can experience the relationship with God forever in his glory on a new earth. Much like Jesus dying for us we are to treat others in the same manner. When entering the relationship God, you then have the ability to walk by his spirit. Living according to spirit bringing about peace and life. Furthermore, being heirs with Jesus Christ as children of God (Romans 8:17).


Even today in the culture you see how man has turned away from God towards their own desire. History is repeating itself. In romans 1:26-27 it discusses homosexuality comparable with today as we are dealing with this very same issue. After, in verse 28 it states because they did not acknowledge God they were filled with unrighteousness, evil, envy, murder, deceit… it goes on. The culture is the sinful today and then. They do not delight in the Lord. Rather, are held captive to sin (Romans 7:23).

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