Running Head : Pursuing Clean Energy Options

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Running head: PURSUING CLEAN ENERGY OPTIONS 1 Pursuing Clean Energy Options Gwynedd Mercy University SCI 2000: From Telescope to Microscope Thomas Becker PURSUING CLEAN ENERGY OPTIONS 2 Abstract In this document, the intent is to give an overview at the viability and emphasis on clean energy. There are five different venues of alternate energy sources, being that …show more content…

Fossil fuels, with their extreme CO2 discharges and our unfortunate dependence on them, are still stimulating experts of better alternatives in focusing their efforts on clean energy. PURSUING CLEAN ENERGY OPTIONS 3 First of all, our country has experienced the decline of our natural resources, like tragic forest fires, the pollution of our water supply and damaging air pollution, not to mention food contamination. Anyone with any intelligence can overlook our growing environmental epidemic. Some people may not be aware of the severity of the problem, but most would agree that our communities need to be protected and preserved. This is why now scientists, financial advisors and economists are mutually concerned by the obvious dilemma in recognizing that our society is changing and needs to be redirected into a more stable, healthy and sustainable direction. There are the ignorant amongst us who placing all their attention on the economy, money and the job market while in observing the daily rise and fall of the ever changing stock market. It almost appears that they turn a blind eye of the inevitable energy crises. What should be all of our focus is how do we address our depleting energy options? How theses growing limitations are looming over our head could affect our future prosperity and health. Maybe there is more concern than it appears where the expert

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