Rxnorm And Naproxen 250 MG Oral T

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RxNorm was fashioned because a universal standard was needed for drug terminologies. The US National Library of Medicine (NLM) obtains drug names from 14 data sources and it assesses the data and outputs the data into RxNorm. It adheres to the following steps: 1) Gather synonyms data (i.e., Naproxen Tab 250 MG or Naproxen 250mg tablet (product). 2) Create an RxNorm normalized name for each concept. The normalized name follows an exact line up: the ingredient, strength, and dose form for fully-specified generic drugs. For example, the RxNorm normalized name is ‘Naproxen 250 MG Oral Tablet’. A branded drug follows the same process except, the brand name is notated at the end in brackets. For example, ‘Naproxen 250 MG Oral Tablet [Prosaid]’.…show more content…
4) Designate relationships and attributes from the source data. Relationships are derived from ingredients, pill imprint information
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