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Introduction to the problem

Britain has finally emerged out of the recession with a growth rate of 0.1%, which was predicted to be 0.4% (Gráinne Gilmore and Robert Lindsay, 2010). The airline industry was shattered due to the recession, as
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Major airlines like British Airways and KLM reported a 5.8% fall in the number of passengers (Chris Leadbeater, 2010). It was the European Low Fares Airline Association which includes Ryanair and easy jet which enjoyed a booming year and reported a 8.7% increase in passengers in 2009 (Chris Leadbeater, 2010). Ryanair alone experienced a 15% increase in the number of scheduled passengers, from 2008 to 2009, which shows that many people preferred Ryanair over other airlines during the recession (Ryanair annual report, 2009, pg4). Around 46% of Ryanair’s customers come from UK, almost a third of its passengers are aged between 25 to 34 and around 21% are property holders in other countries (Mintel, 2007). The airline mainly depends on repeat business as 40% of its customers fly 5 times a year (Mintel, 2007). This data will help us decide our population and data regarding customer satisfaction can be gathered from it.

Ryanair has always managed to come up with cost effective strategies which helps it to maintain a competitive advantage over its rivals. It also considers the present environment as the basis for formulating its strategies, for example, the airline made an effort to gain soccer fans as its customers by announcing a special return flight for all Arsenal fans from London Stansted to Barcelona Girona, so that they can watch the club’s vital champions league match in Barcelona on the 6 April, the flight would leave from London on 6 April at 8:30 am and

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