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The SWOT analysis is a useful tool for identifying our personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to our plans and goals. According to a “Fuel My Motivation” article (2010), this analysis considers internal influences that can positively or negatively affect our ability to achieve our goals. The internal factors are our strengths and weaknesses. Also considered are opportunities and threats, which are external influences that can have a positive or negative impact on the ability to achieve our goals. I will share how the self-assessment instruments and self-exercises in this course have contributed to assessing and understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I will also discuss techniques I will use to leverage my …show more content…
I love to talk, but when someone is talking to me, I do my best to give the person my full attention. If I misunderstand what the person is saying, I restate it for clarification. Osland, Turner, Kolb, and Rubin (2007), noted that, by consistently listening to a speaker you communicate the idea that you are interested in the person and that what they are saying is important.
I have always been confident in my ability to get things done. When I set goals, I know that with determination and hard work I will succeed. Completing my degree is a goal I am determined to achieve. I am working hard and will achieve my goal next year. I am a fast learner; in my career as a consultant there was many times that I had to teach myself new products. When a customer needed, new products configured and installed before there was a formal training class, I would teach myself configure the product, then train the customer. According to Kolb’s LSI assessment, I am a “hands on” learner so it makes sense that I was able to be successful training others and myself.
Other strengths were identified by the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) as trusting, loyal, helpful, and supportive. Although these are all great strengths, it would be easy for them to become weaknesses. The Strength Deployment Inventory stated that, when overdone trusting can become gullible, loyal can become blind, helpful can become smothering, and

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