Sample Asthma Case Study

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Tammy is a 17-year-old girl who was just diagnosed with asthma. She is a cheerleader for her high school and is very busy with social events throughout the year. Next year Tammy will attend View University on a cheerleading scholarship. She is very excited, but is a little nervous about living away from home. Lately she has been having trouble controlling her asthma.
When Tammy goes into her Physician they would do a physical and check her throat and her nose to make sure they are clear. He will want to make sure she doesn’t have any respiratory infections first. For further testing he can check with a stethoscope for any wheezing. He will also check for any skin breakouts like eczema or hives. He will ask what the symptoms are and when
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Sadly, there is not enough evidence to support the use of any complementary health approaches for the relief of asthma (Asthma and Complementary Approaches, NCCIH, n.d.). The approaches that they have looked at are acupuncture. Acupuncture is when they stick little needles into certain areas of your body to help reduce pain or inflammation or any kind of ailment just by the certain area of your body. There is very little evidence right now to show that acupuncture can help reduce the symptoms of asthma. They have also tried breathing exercises and trying to retrain you’re breathing to lower the risk of hyperventilation. Meditation and being more mindful of your breathing and when you are having any symptoms taking deep breaths and controlling your breathing can help a little. This can help teens and adults but young children like my daughter who do not understand or have no way of controlling their breathing can’t use this technique. Also if you have a really bad attack in the moment you would not be thinking about your breathing techniques. They have also tried a placebo inhaler with a group of people in 2011. The group said they felt better and the symptoms were reduced but their risk of getting sick and having an attack was still there. So the placebo doesn’t take care of the problem either. The best way to take…show more content…
It costs a considerable amount for the copays every month for the inhalers and you need to always have the Anticholinergics like Flovent for daily use. Also patients have said that they don’t think that their symptoms are bad enough to keep up with the treatment and maintenance of the disease. It is definitely hard for me as a Mom of a toddler to have to give her, her treatments every morning and evening. I have noticed a difference though if I miss a dose or two though. I would never want my daughter to suffer. If you have state insurance it will cover it with no copay. So that will help. Also another barrier is that patients are afraid at the length of time being on the medication and if your body will get used to the medication and cause resistance. They are worried that they will eventually need more medication to take care of the symptoms. Sometimes with teens they may forget to treat their asthma or maybe embarrassed of having to take the inhaler with them. They may want to forget they have asthma so they don’t have to worry about the daily dose of it or job of maintaining their health. Sometimes a distrust of a doctor or parent may also stop them from keeping up with their treatment (Barriers to Asthma Self-Management in Adolescents: Relationships to Psychosocial Factors," n.d.).
I am sure that Tammy has had some of these thoughts. Although as she starts her new school year the best thing
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