Customer Service Vs. Business

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The world is full of great businesses and it’s not always easy to standout in this vast crowd. But if you are looking to differentiate your business and to attract satisfied and happy customers, focus on great customer service is definitely the way to go. Studies have consistently shown how companies with good customer service have customers that are more loyal and likely to bring in more customers to the company. This guide will look at the importance of customer service through two examples of successful companies: Amazon and Eventbrite. What is customer service and why it matters for business? When it comes to customer service, many people think they know what it is, even though they don’t have a clue. Customer service is a concept that is often mentioned, but never explained. This has led to plenty of companies having a dedicated customer service department, but a horrible customer service culture. The definition of customer service often describes it as a process, which ensures customer satisfaction with a specific product or service. It is a process that can take the form of a face-to-face interaction, a phone call, a self-service system and often in today’s world through e-mail, online chat or other such form. Customer service is often the interaction the customer has with the company as they purchase the product or service. It often also manifests itself when things go wrong. Consumers often contact customer service departments when things have gone wrong with
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