Sand Grouse Hydration Packs : Executive Summary

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Jace Orio 4-11-15 Business Marketing Mr. Ramos Sand Grouse Hydration Packs Executive Summary The Sand Grouse company is preparing to launch a new line of hydration packs called Sand Grouse Hydration Packs. Although the market for hydration packs is maturing we believe our product is something special that customers haven 't seen before. Sand Grouse’s slogan is “Get Outside and Hydrate” indicating that the company offers more than just a normal product but something that can always travel with you during your active lifestyle. Sand Grouse will target similar markets. Most of the markets being targeted will be markets where the consumer is active but also where the consumer is concerned with the environment. The primary …show more content…

First-Year Objectives During the first year on the market, Sand Grouse Hydration Packs aim to achieve a 5 percent share of the hydration pack market, or approximately $100 thousand in sales, with break-even statues achieved in the final period of the year. With an average retail price $39.99, that equates with a sales goal of 2,500 packs. Second-Year Objectives During the second year, Sand Grouse will introduce a new hydration pack, including other variations of the new bag as well as the first. The second-year objective is to double our sales from the first year, to $200,000. Issues In lunching this new brand, the biggest issue I see is the ability to establish brand awareness as well as a strong brand image. Sand Grouse will invest in nontraditional and traditional promotion to accomplish the goals we have set. As a company we would also like to spark a word of mouth interactions between our costumers as well as

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