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Introduction ATLAM, Akademi Teknikal Laut Malaysia is an instructive foundation concentrated on preparing and gets ready Malaysians for marine industry. It was set up on 15 August 1891 and on 1st January 1997 it was privatized and brought into the field of Petra Group of Companies. It was then understood, the IT bases were obsolete compare with its rivals and they were requested to advance their accounting system to PETRA bunch of wide SAP system. SAP was an incorporated business application bundle that secured most elements of an association like Financial Accounting, Controlling, Asset Management, Sales & Distribution, Material Management, Human Resource and many more. Implementing SAP for ATLAM was not simple as they were already…show more content…
The developer of the system may have high risk but the user will have low risk as SAP will be well structured and organized. Despite all these PETRA is there to support the system and availability of training is always there to introduce the system to its user. Operational Feasibility- It represents the possibility of attaining the desired objectives and look for opportunities. The current system in ATLAM can’t produce financial reports but SAP can do it and produce complex segmental reports. Additionally SAP will fit well with ATLAM’s business model also. Schedule feasibility- It concentrates on the deadlines of pre-implementing of SAP system. It ensures whether each tasks related to introducing SAP are met within the time frame or not. A better review could be drawn from the Pert Chart. Conclusion If we go through the entire case starting from feasibility to cost benefit analysis it could be measured that the pros of implementing SAP is way heavier than its cons. In terms of economic, technological operational and schedule feasibility the project has the viability. In cost-benefit analysis, SAP is aiding to positive cash flow from 1st year. The payback period is attractive where the investment will be withdrawn within 5 years. Additionally more cash flow of RM 5687533.56 (in terms of PV) will be generated. The IRR 3.74% is slightly higher than RRR 25%

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