Sat Setbacks Essay

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Jordan Williams November 15, 2012 Period 2 (1-100 SAT Sentences) 1. Nowadays, many people abbreviate words so they can text faster 2. The best form of birth control is abstinence. 3. The actress accepted the adulation of the crowd with delight. 4. African American athletes faced tremendous adversity during the mid-1900s. 5. The artist painting’s lacked aesthetic quality. 6. Although my parents are divorced, they still manage to be amicable for my sake. 7. We are growing up in…show more content…
25. I was nervous to sing in front of the congregation. 26. I visited a town located at the convergence of two rivers. 27. The student’s behavior was deleterious to the whole class. 28. Adolf Hitler is considered by many to be a demagogue. 29. Working in Foot Locker was a digression from my long term goals. 30. I take pride in being a diligent worker. 31. Christopher Columbus’s findings discredited earlier theories about the earth. 32. The teacher openly expressed her disdain for the student. 33. My mother and I have very divergent ideas about school. 34. I have great empathy for the poor. 35. When playing piano, I often emulate the styles of others and incorporate them in to my own style. 36. School was very enervating today because I had midterms in every class. 37. Practice is the only way I can enhance my musical craft. 38. The ephemeral colors of dawn's first light were gone almost as soon as they appeared. 39. There is nothing more vivacious than the evanescent beauty of a sunset. 40. The teacher’s growing exasperation was obvious 41. The child showed exemplary patience and control while awaiting the final results. 42. The extenuating circumstances proved her innocence. 43. The candidate’s florid speech earned him many votes that were recently undecided. 44. It was very fortuitous that I found money on the street after losing money the day before. 45. When it comes to buying me clothes, my mother is
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