Satisfying Target Customer 's Needs

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Satisfying Target Customer’s Needs Many customers of electric vehicles need an affordable form of transportation. GM has been able to satisfy this need with its affordable 2016 Spark EV starting at $25,120 with a potential $7,500 tax credit (General Motors Company, n.d). This all-electric vehicle allows consumers to purchase an affordable car that uses clean energy. GM also offers the affordable hybrid Volt starting at $33,170, and plans to release the fully electric Bolt EV late 2017 starting at $37,495 (Korosec, 2016). These electric cars provide customers with inexpensive alternatives to the vehicles currently offered by Tesla. Tesla’s Model S is its only sedan and has a starting price of $66,000 (Tesla, n.d.). The Model X is Tesla’s sport utility vehicle with a starting price of $74,000 (Manjoo, 2016). While Tesla’s current models are significantly more expensive than GM’s electric vehicles, Tesla is releasing its all-electric Model 3 in 2017 at a starting price of $35,000, which is more in line with the prices of GM’s electric vehicles (Manjoo, 2016). Another need that consumers are looking to satisfy is luxurious transportation. Tesla meets this need with every car they make. The Model S is packed with autopilot capabilities that include parallel parking, lane changing, and a “Summon feature [that] lets drivers ‘call’ their car to come to them. (Tesla, n.d.).” The Model S has a beautiful, customer friendly 17” center touchscreen console. It also has upgrades available
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