Saudi Aramco Leadership Assessment

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Saudi Aramco Leadership Assessment Introduction Organizations whose cultures are tightly integrated to cultural, societal and political norms and values often face a significantly greater series of challenges in implementing change management and retaining agility in the midst of market turbulence. Saudi Aramco's culture is a polyglot of cultural, societal and political norms, unified under the Saudi Arabian series of cultural constraints and values. While Saudi Aramco is a global force in oil production, refining and is a significant influence on the global economics of energy as well. As is the case with large organizations that have attained significant financial success, change is especially difficult as complacency will often permeate an organizational culture (Witten, 2009). The intent of this analysis is to summarize the key findings and recommendations regarding the performance issues defined in weeks four, five and six. In addition, important factors that will determine the success or failure of change efforts are defined, in addition to a discussion surrounding ethics of organizational assessment. An analysis is also provided on the issue of leadership and follower perspectives. All of these factors are used for providing recommendations and options to improve organizational performance. Analysis Of Findings From Weeks Four, Five And Six In evaluating the series of findings, a complex, often conflicting and paradoxical view of Saudi Aramco emerges. A

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