School Management Issues

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SCHOOL MANAGEMENT ISSUES 1.0 Introduction The education system in Malaysia is not excluded for its own problems and issues all this while. Referring to the current issues in our education, I would like to point out several issues regarding the system, in which I analyzed deeper into several aspects most common in our education nowadays. I looked at this subject matter at the root of the problem – the school system itself. Education cannot be separated from school. Formal education starts from here and thus building the reputation of our entire education system. It is from the root that we have to go to in order to curb the problems that come along the way. Most of our schools are government-funded schools. The management…show more content…
Basically it is about who is in charge of what. The problem that comes with it is mostly all about willingness, capability and availability. Teachers are engaged in many activities in and out of school. They do the managerial job, administrative tasks, monitoring, organizing and much more. At what extent does the teachers are capable of handling those tasks is highly debated but nothing seems to ease the issue. We can never be sure how far the teachers are really willing to go to handle all these tasks. Willingness is to be rewarded in terms of its pay and blessing, but the burden is still to be questioned. As teachers get older, they don’t want to be included or at least willing to do only simple tasks in these duties (in clubs, organizations, committee, etc). All they want to focus is to teach. 2.3 Workload Teachers as we all acknowledge, fulfill the administrative tasks by themselves. In schools, the organization is provided with only few management staff for assistance, namely the Pembantu Am Rendah or PAR. They handle the jobs of office assistants and customer service. Although their service is well applauded, teachers still carry a big burden on their shoulders. The matter is discussed widely in the Ministry but so far there is nothing much of an improvement. The Ministry even once suggested about providing teachers with personal assistants to help them in matters related to school administration
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