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School of Engineering and Digital Arts
EL671 Production Technology
Assignment 1 - 2014

Navisen Naigum (NN92) Thursday Week 7, 13th November 2014
Product Specification and Design 3
3rd Year project brief overview 3
Flight Controller 3
Frames 3
Motors 3
Power Management 3
Draft Technical Specification and summary of Project 4
Flight Controller Programming 4
Voltage and Current 4
Cost 4
Time 4
Key Design Metrics 5
New Products Introductions (NPI) 5
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 5
On time and complete shipments (OTCS) 5
Percentage of Products in Compliance 5
Cost of Quality (COQ) 5
Primary Belbin Team Role 5
Co-ordinator 5
Why team dynamics are important in a design environment 6
Product Qualification Testing 7
Contrast and Comparison of Domestic and Military Product 7
Manufacturing Technologies 8
Objectives for PCB design process 8
Documentation and Data 8
Assembly 8
Testing 8
Surface Mount Reflow soldering process 8

Product Specification and Design
3rd Year project brief overview
This project aims to develop a quadcopter able to autonomously fly while avoiding fixed and moving obstacles using ultrasonic and infrared proximity sensors. A quadcopter is an unmanned flying vehicle with four motors in a cross arrangement. It is expected that the corresponding controller unit, integrating motor control, based on an Inertia Measurement Unit (IMU), as well as the sensor modules, will be developed using the Atmega-based Arduino platform.

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