Secondary School Of Computing And The Arts

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Introduction Lostcause secondary school of computing and the Arts has asked us to design a new computer class room to support both subjects of computing and arts, and since both arts and computing are both excellent standard, we would need to match its excellent status. This would have a room where half of the room which would be specialised in both specified, where if it was for arts, there would be added software like Photoshop, and other editing software. I would say having one half of the room for arts and the other half computing make sense because students will know where to find themselves for specified subjects. Or they can be mixed but as long as there is specific software being added. In this assignment, we would need to look at specified computers and other resources, prices, software and what is required. We would need to ask questions for us to successfully fulfil the needs of the secondary school and are happy with the work we have produced for them. We have to make sure that everything we produce is relevant and would be easy to use as they are students who will be using the computers and are in secondary school, so we would need to be careful of that. Because it will be a new class room, we would have to add new furniture, as in new spinning chairs, desktops, blackboards, etc. and with the class room being of a decent size. After doing all the needed work, we would be able to evaluate and make a conclusion on everything that has been done at the end of
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