School Uniforms or Not School Uniforms, That Is the Question

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“Everything that glitters isn’t gold,” states Williams Shakespeare. School Uniforms do not have a positive effect on educational development. Uniforms are said to promote school spirit unity, decrease violence, and increase academic performance. However, these statements cannot be further from the truth. Clothing simply is a resource that protects the body from harmful environmental factors and nudity. School boards should not continue to use a recycled unsterilized bandage to put on an open wound. School Uniforms have no effect on a student when involved in an abusive relationship from parents or a current partner. Putting a child in a standard white polo and khaki pants will not give them focus, because their heart and mind are troubled with fear. In the beginning of class, a teacher can place an assignment in front of them and the student will not even recognize his or her presence. The classwork will be turned in incomplete, because their life is in total chaos. School is the least of this student’s worry, because they worry about the next time violence will come against them. This student remedy for educational improvement is counseling not superficial clothing that only changes physical appearance. Homelessness is also a very common issue that is shared among students all over the nation. School Uniforms create a problem for these students parents financially. Parents have to budget the money that already isn’t there to purchase these uniforms. This student comes in
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