Schooling And Cheating In Schools

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Ever since students enter the world of education in kindergarten, they are continually compared to their peers in a never-ending cycle of judgments and ranks based upon measured knowledge and learning capacities. It is a competitive market that lasts from that first fateful day up until graduation senior year. In today’s society, there is an excessive amount of pressure and expectations alike placed upon the shoulders of students. They exist in a constant state of balancing school with home life and possibly extracurricular activities too; adding in time for studying as well as homework leaves little, if any, time for mental necessities such as basic recreational interactions, sleep, and meals. Without any such psychological leisure, the imposed stress continues to build until the foundation that is the student themselves erodes into nothingness. It is due to this constant grueling cycle that plagiarism and cheating arise in the ranks of a student’s mind. Whether it is truly the student’s fault that they turned to the act of cheating, or that of our modern education system, and its placing of a higher price tag on grades and not on genuine knowledge, is a question debated by many. My goal is to evaluate, through research, how today’s educational system values grades over whether students are actually grasping what they are taught, this altered priority, in turn, results in students simply plagiarizing to get a passing grade.
Cheating is in no way an acceptable

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